L'Oreal truematch foundation...picked up on a whim...wow!

  1. I've been a longtime L'Oreal fan as well as Lancome of course (dept store counterpart, right?).

    I swore by Lancome's Maqui Libre foundation for years and years. Then it was discontinued and I stocked up on as many as I could grab off lancome.com :yes:.

    Now the last one is almost out (and probably old so not a good idea to use). I did try Color Ideal at the Lancome counter awhile back but the coverage is a little too heavy for me and takes some getting used to. Hmmm.

    Today on a whim I picked up a L'Oreal True Match foundation at my local drugstore...and I am blown away! The color match is perfect and the texture is beyond amazing. Not bad for $12, eh?

    I really need foundation to calm down my skin tone, because my face is so pale but I have very ruddy cheeks (thank you, Scottish heritage!). I've always been one to drop cash on a good base if necessary but I tell ya, this L'Oreal one made me a changed woman today.

    Long post!! Cheers, everyone. :wlae:
  2. Glad to hear you found something that worked for you and got a deal too!
  3. I'm always looking for a better foundation - will give it a try. Thx!
  4. thats awesome!! i'll have to check it out ....

    i'm pretty willing to spend on cosmetics and skin care too but i bought an Almay liquid eyeliner for $8 at CVS and it was perfect!! so i'm sticking to it =)
  5. ^^ yeah, as they say you wear your face every day so it's worth it to invest in the good stuff (just like a great haircut!) So, when I find a drugstore item that I love even better I feel all giddy inside (and start putting the $$ I saved toward my next BAG, lol).
  6. i like the attitude :biggrin:.

  7. You're so funny!! i never thought of putting the $$ saved towards the next bag!!

    I just get super excited coss i guess i'm biased that the brands are better and so when i find some under $20 product that works well it's like i found a mini gold mine:graucho: