Loreal Sublime Glow anyone??

  1. Hey all, this is my first post in the beauty section. So after reading various reviews on sunless tanning products, I decided to try out Loreal Sublime Glow. I'm deathly afraid of self-tanners, as I've had a bad experience with one a few years ago. I thought Loreal Sublime Glow wouldn't be too bad or stink too much. (I can't stand the smell of sunless tanners!) I just sampled a bit on my arm, and well..it looks like I just dusted a lot of shimmer onto myself and it smells horrible!! I bought it in the fair color because I'm very light skinned. Has anyone else tried this product? I'm wondering if this will actually change my color. Would buying it in a medium tone get more color, and quicker too? Thanks!
  2. I hate that! it's stinks up the house, you get streaks everywhere!!!! you literally have to stand (naked lol) for 1 hour...... I recommend Lancome's flashbronzer (the milk type)
  3. ^ LOL o gosh...i put a glob and my arm and took a nap. hope nothing weird happens! lol! does the stuff you suggested streak/smell bad??? I think I have a super sensitive nose, I can't stand the SLIGHEST smell of that self-tanner stuff.. do you think using the loreal sublime glow for a few days would be worth it? just to see the results?? I was thinking, since I bought the bottle, I might as well try it out on my legs and see what happens :shrugs:
  4. sure you should try it... cuz everyone has diff experiences. Some people like it and people like me might have gotten a bad bottle lol. Smell bad... YES to me! very horrible and the smell was "permanently" soaked into my skin for 3 days (my dad gave me funny looks lol) but the lancome milky type of self-tanner smells heavenly lol. Oh... did I mention that after 3 days my legs started to ITCH a LOT?!?!? lol I think got an allergenic response......lol
  5. ^ Uh-oh! LOL itching AND smelling = BAD :roflmfao: my skin is super sensitive and prone to RASHES from just about anything and everything! I'm kind of scared about this..LOL.. I didn't have the guts to try it on tonight.. but maybe tomorrow!
  6. I used L'Oreal's Sublime Glow for quite awhile, but it didn't really do much for my skin, and it did have a funky smell to it. Don't worry, you shouldn't break out from it... You just might not end up as tan as you're hoping for.

    The best tanner lotion I've found is by a company called Delon. It was on clearance for $3.00 at Target, and within a day of using it, my skin had already gone at least 2 shades darker... and it looks natural! Plus, it smells like coconut, so no nasty chemical stink.