L'Oreal Preference Haircolor OMFG!

  1. I don't have too many greys so I usually use colorspa or casting - or one of those semi-perm colors. Anyway i'm growing out some highlights and figured I just color my hair back to chocolate brown and get it over with. So I apply this stuff and it sits on my head for one minutes before I have to jump in the shower and rinse it out. It felt like fire ants biting my scalp or acid poured on my head. How the heck do people use this stuff.

    Anyone else have this happen to them? I feel like if I would have left this on for 25 min., I would be bald now.
  2. you might of had a alergic reaction to the product. or have you been scratching your head ,Brushing,or did you wash your hair and scalp vigorously today? maybe used something astrigent on your scalp? sometimes minty shampoos or even if you have been in the sun alot lately and have a light sun burn? all of these can sometimes cause reactions to hair color or perming.
  3. I color my own hair at home w/ L'Oreal products all the time. . . I agree you probably had an allergic reaction.

    I'm sorry that happened to you, sounds horrible!

  4. :wtf: :Push:
  5. Wow, okay i've never had an allergic reaction before. I used to perm my hair (in the 80's) and I semi-perm color it all the time - so I was totally unprepared for this.
    I'm still kinda freaked out by this!
  6. I would be too! Maybe the shelf life had expired? Or maybe it wasn't mixed all teh way . . . trying to think of a logical explanation. I use Preference about 50% of the time and have for years, I even have really sensitive skin.
  7. Darn, I was hoping to hear this wasn't just me....
  8. : ( sorry!
  9. I've used all the L'Oreal line of haircolor and have for decades. While I exclusively use Excellence, now that the grays out number the non-grays, I have NEVER had that happen and I've been everything from white-blonde to dark, dark brown.

    I had always sort of poo-pooed those allergy testing instructions they have in haircolor kits because I've never had a problem. It sounds like yours was one of the reactions that they want us to test for before we put it on our heads, however! :wtf:

    That's so weird! :shrugs:
  10. Wow, I've never had that happen, and I used that for a long time. So does my grandma, lol. Sounds like an allergic reaction, or maybe you had an open bug bite or something on your scalp? Or maybe it was just a really really bad batch. That sounds horrible though :sad:
    I have a friend who dyed her hair for years and years and one day just had a horrible allergic reaction from it. So even if you've used it before you can just have that happen, I guess.
  11. I use L'Oreal all the time and never have any problems. It sounds like you have an allergy.
  12. I'm headed into the bathroom to do my monthly touch up with my L'Oreal Excellence. This thread has me paranoid!! :wtf:
  13. I use Loreal Preference too. I have never had a problem. But I have always done it on a day when I had not washed my hair. If you just washed your hair and then did it, that could explain it. I did that ONCE and it burned like HELL! Do a test spot from now on. :smile: Hope it turns out ok...by the way..what color did you do?

    I am 6A Light Ash Brown
  14. I agree with the others that it sounds like an allergic reaction, however I once colored my hair when it was newly washed and it burned like hell for the first few minutes. Now I don't wash it for 4-5 days before coloring, needless to say I don't leave the house for the last days.
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