L'oréal Paris Elnett Satin Hairspray

  1. I'm sure many, if not all of you have used it at some point. Impressive results but TOXICATING. Lately the smell has really started to bother me, but I love the effect it has on my hair. I have extremely long hair and therefore holds alot of weight, but this spray takes it right out!

    But the smell, fumigates my surrounding when I'm at home, and makes me feel queezy.

    Can anyone please, please recommend me a long-lasting hold hairspray, which works just as effectively as Elnett - just doesn't smell so much. :yucky:

    Thank you :heart:
  2. I bought three bottles when I was in Europe last month. It just arrived a few days ago and it works wonders. All my flyaways are gone.

    I found out that you can purchase it at target in select target store for $13.99.

    I can't wait!!!!
  3. Is this the one that they advertised on the October issue of Allure?
  4. I think so! Im effing dying to try this out! Im gonna stalk my local Targets!
  5. Im sorry, I've never tried it so I cant compare it to anything, therefor cannot suggest an alternative!

    However, I am now interested in it and want to try it!
  6. What makes this hairspray better than others???
  7. Elnett has been available in Europe forever, and it's a favorite of many professionals, because it provides extremely strong hold without feeling crunchy. It adds volume and has UV protectants to preserve color and shine. It's only now becoming available in the US.
  8. Rock on crouton!
  9. I use SEXYHAIR... don't get turned on by its rather loud tacky 'girlicious' girl band promo ads because it seriously good stuff!!
    i've got thick long asian hair, and it holds up really well, smells realllllyyyy good compared to other hairsprays (anything aerosol smells funky imo, but i'm just fussy lol), and my hairdresser recommends it.
  10. I'm not a big hairspray user, but when I do use it, I use Elnett, which I bring home from Europe. I can't give a recommendation for another brand because that's the only one I've used and I never really noticed the smell.
  11. I wonder when most Targets are going to start carrying this?
  12. I like Elnett's hairspray because it HOLDS. I'm almost like a granny when it comes to hairspray. I need the stuff that is going to create a shell on my head, lol :smile: I have very fine, thin, limp hair so those light-hold hairsprays just don't cut it for me!
  13. ok I really want to try this now!:yes:
  14. I just got the November Allure, and there is an article about Elnett and why so many woman and hair pros love it. Apparently, the reason why Elnett was previously only available in Europe only is because the propellant used in the can was banned here in the states under environmental regulations. However, the propellant has been changed for US sale to a more environmentally friendly one. For copyright reasons, I won't copy the whole article, but I'll throw in a few juicy quotes that might interest those who want to try this stuff (it sounds pretty awesome):

    "It is the finest mist. With Elnett, the hair has memory, but you can get a brush through it. The look bounces right back. It doesn't get flat, sticky, or dull. And Elnett never makes that dandruff-y white crust on the hair."-hairstylist Garren of Garren New York

    "Once Elnett arrived on the scene, it became ubiquitous. Think of any iconic, sexy hairstyle, and the je ne sais quoi is inevitably Elnett."-author Rory Evans

    "All the beautiful hair Catherine Deneuve has in Belle de Jour? That just had to be Elnett."-Garren of Garren New York