L'Oreal Lumi Magique Foundation

  1. I may have found my new HG foundation! I have tried literally every different foundation out there and over the past year I have decided that (IMO) its really NOT worth the money for the expensive stuff because to me, you can find the exact same thing at the drugstore!

    For a while I was using L'oreal Fit ME but I got a little bored so I picked this up....ITS AMAZING. I like to look dewey and have a little glow and so I had tried Revlon Photoready but I looked TOO glow-y, almost just oily.

    This gives me a FLAWLESS face with great buildable coverage and a gorgeous glow.

    I got it at ULTA with a coupon, I don't think it was more than 12 bucks.
  2. I agree. I never usually wear foundation, but I was staying at my mother's while she was in hospital and there was a free sample in a magazine. I was bored so put it on and thought it looked quite good.

    I went to the hospital for a visit and all the family were there. They all started raving about how wonderful my skin looked! Of course I rushed out and bought a bottle straight away. I have been using in pretty much daily for about 2 months now, in both cold weather (where my mother lives) and warm weather (my home).

    I think it wears really well and is not too heavy, but dewey and even coverage and for the price it is a definite winner!
  3. I'm so glad I found this review! I really want to try this because I looove the packaging. Finally a pump! And I agree, you can definitely find the exact same high-end foundation at drugstores (but I'm a sucker for my Shiseido one :p).
  4. Good to know. I have their Magic Lumi light infusing primer - it's like a highlighter that you can mix with foundation to make it more glow-y. it definitely makes my regular foundation look better than normal.
  5. I love the primer! I haven't used the foundation yet. I use sheer cover, which works quite well. But I do love how the primer and the mineral foundation mix together. I will have to try the foundation though. Does it hold up well in heat?