L'oreal HIP cream eyeliner

  1. I love the L'Oreal HIP cream eyeliner in black because it's so black and stays on the whole day without smudging. However, it gets clumpy looking after the second application. How can I get it to go on smoothly? I don't think I got a bad one. I really think it's clumpy looking because of the way I've applied it.
  2. I love this stuff too! This is the first product I have encounter that makes it easy for me to apply eyeliner. Nothing else has worked for me. It's sooooo black and stays sharp the entire day.

    I've never had it get clumpy on me though. Are you using the brush it comes with? I find that brush difficult to use and control. Plus I end up making the line too thick. The brush is also so hard, it hurts.
  3. Oooh, they came out with the eyeliner in a pencil version. I just bought one black and one brown at Walgreen's. They're running a buy one get one free promotion on all HIP products right now. I really like it, it goes on so smooth, and doesn't flake at all.
  4. im going to have to try the eyeliner in a pencil version. im hearing a lot of good reviews on this Hip eyeliner....
  5. I have that clumping problem too when I use both the pot and liner version. I think I just put too much product when I use both and it ends up clumping.
  6. Oh I'll have to give this pencil a try. It might be easier for me to use. I like the cream eyeliner but it would be awesome if I don't have to use a brush all the time.
  7. I use the cream eyeliner too. I'm ashamed to admit it, but I have never been able to put on eyeliner until I got this. I hate the brush it comes with though. I love how the eyeliner stays on so well, and looks so dark. I think I might have to try the pencil and see if it works just as well or better. Off to Walgreens this week, thanks for posting!