L'Oreal (Garnier) Fined for Being Racist!!

  1. Granted this news is a little old but I think still worth noting. I found it randomly through another website.

    It's regarding the Garnier branch of L'Oreal:

    Read more here: http://www.beautysnob.com/2007/07/loreal_is_racist.html

    Although I do agree with the comments that Garnier is not the first nor last to do this. Nevertheless, doesn't make it right.
  2. It's not very smart, either, since like the USA, Europe, which includes France, is undergoing a seismic demographic shift.

    To exclude roughly 86% of the world's people might not be the best marketing strategy for any international cosmetic company. :idea:
  3. They appear to be stuck in the times methinks!
  4. interesting.....