LOreal Condemns Misleading Mascara Ad With Penelope Cruz

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    Miss Cruz in the advert: It was misleading

    L'Oréal has been condemned for producing "misleading" mascara adverts featuring Penelope Cruz.

    The TV and magazine adverts boasted that women could have up to 60 per cent longer eyelashes with its Telescopic mascara.

    The Hollywood star's voice promised: "Lashes that could reach for the stars."

    But a sharp-eyed viewer suspected the actress was wearing false lashes to exaggerate the length of eyelid hair produced by the product.

    She protested to the Advertising Standards Authority, who upheld her complaint.

    It found the TV commercial misleading and said the magazine advert failed to be accurate and true. During the investigation, the French company admitted that the star had been wearing individual false lashes.

    The ASA has ordered L'Oréal to add a disclaimer to future adverts whenever models are shown wearing false lashes.
    It also told the firm to make it clear that its "60 per cent" claim referred to the appearance of the lashes - not to an actual extension in the length that could be achieved by using the mascara.
    L'Oréal told the ASA its product made the tips of lashes more visible, giving a lengthening effect.

    It said: "Penelope Cruz was wearing a few individual false lashes inserted into her natural lashes to fill in the gaps in her natural lashes for a consistent standard of lashes."

    A signed affidavit from the star and her make-up artist supported this.

    The Telescopic mascara was applied on top.

    In its ruling, the ASA said it was concerned that the adverts failed to make it clear that lashes would "appear" up to 60 per cent longer.
    It added: "We concluded that, in the absence of a disclaimer stating that Penelope Cruz was wearing some individual false lashes added to her natural lashes, and because the ad did not make clear that the claim referred to an increase in the 'appearance' of lash length, the ads could mislead."
  2. must admit those are pretty sweet lashes
  3. I thought it was obvious that all models in these adverts worse falses!
  4. Ditto! I thought too, in most of those ads, they usually use some false lashes to make the lashes look alot longer and fuller. It would be pretty amazing for a mascara to give that kind of length on regular lashes!
  5. No kidding. I thought everyone knew it was false lashes or some sort of advertising magic.

    I have used that exact mascara and it does lengthen quite a bit, but no where near what Ms Cruz portrays. I bought it for the cute packaging. LOL From Maybelline to Covergirl to Lancome and Chanel and others, no mascara can do what any advert does. I should know, I have tried them all.
  6. ^I agree lol. ALL of their ads for every mascara brand I've ever seen have had the models wearing fake eyelashes AND/OR photoshopped lashes. I read an article about it. They can digitally enhance everything on a model, including something like eyelashes.

    And all of that 300% lash increase, whatever promises they make, don't count on it. Some mascaras are better than others obviously, but those are just marketing gimmicks.
  7. Well, I guess some people will believe anything, won't they? These are probably the people that caused the warning label on a curling iron stating "Do not use to curl eyelashes"!!! LOL!:wtf:
  8. Or those McDonald's coffee cups with the words "contents are hot"... I mean isn't that obvious because it's hot coffee? :roflmfao:
  9. Me too! They always seem to be wearing fale eye lashes. This is dumb, just like that they have to put "careful, HOT!" outside the paper coffe cups. :rolleyes:
  10. EXACTLY my thought. Isn't it quite obvious especially in those eye lash commercials that they aren't real???
  11. How 'bout those little bags of silicon inside shoe boxes that say "Do Not Eat" on them? You know they have to put that warning there cause some moron actually ate one once upon a time. "Oh, looky, they gave me a lil snacky-snack with my Rockports! Yuuuuummmm-YUM!!"

    People are so stupid.

  12. :roflmfao:
  13. People leave me speechless sometimes. If you have ever used mascara you know it's limitations. Good grief... :rolleyes: