LORDY, LORDY!!! I'm in METALLIC HEAVEN... the Special Edition has arrived

  1. I don't know how many of you are as crazy as I am, but I bought the Special Edition Antique Gold Part Time from Selfridges not only sight unseen, but without ever having seen a single picture or color swatch. Sometimes (ok, rarely) gambles pay off. I'm head over heals!!!:love: Or as my dear friend Saich would say (she pulled all the strings to get this for me), "I'm over the moon!"

  2. wow... gold is not my thing, but THAT bag is stunning...!
  3. And some more pics of hardware and with different flash levels. This definitely looks like a bronzy gold, and not a gold gold.
    CIMG0868.JPG CIMG0879.JPG CIMG0880.JPG
  4. DECO i bow down to you... hahah ^_^ you have sucha nice collection...
    *jealousy* - but i love look at them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Love the color, love the style, AND it's limited..

  5. It is going to look stunning with Black.:nuts:
  6. wow that thing is bright!
  7. oooohhh ahhhhh. That's such a perfect beauty for the holidays!!! congrats
  8. OMG!!!!!!!!! That bag is FREAKIN GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Absolutely LOVE it...CONGRATS!!!!!!!
  9. WOW!! Congrats!!! That's a fun bag color - great for the holidays!!!

    Congrats on snagging that special edition!!
  10. I already posted my reaction ( :drool: ) in your collection thread, but I'll just add that is by far the most STUNNING B-bag I have seen to date. To quote our favorite flighty socialite: "THAT'S HOT!!!"
  11. Wowee! That bag is amazing! Congrats!
  12. Whoa. That's crazy gorgeous! :wtf::nuts:
  13. Wow!! Did I say Wow!!! That is friggin Hot!!! My mouth just dropped wide open...Really that is an amazing bag!!! Congrats!!
  14. omg omg omg omg omg......wow.....i love the gold hardware and the gold whipstitch on the handles.....omg...wow. congrats times a billion
  15. Eeeek!! It looks straight out of Charlie and the Chocolate factory!!! :nuts: It's soooooooooo awesome!!!! Love it love it love it!!! Congrats Deco :wlae::yahoo: Such a nice addition to your b bag family :love: