lordie, these scarves sure do add up . . . .

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  1. hello, my name is DQ and i'm an hermes scarf addict.

    i don't know what posessed me to do this, but i counted my scarves last night -- 70+.

    then i did something even dumber: i tried to figure out what i spent on them. even under-estimating at $200 each, that's over $14,000!!!! :wtf:

    and i'm still surfing eBay to look for more. :push:

  2. Hi DQ, and welcome to this 12-step meeting of Scarfie's Anonymous (aka SAs)

    I'll walk you through the steps really quickly.

    Step 1: Count all your scarves. Lay them out, handle them, fold, them, ooh and aah over them.

    Step 2-11: Repeat step one

    Step 12: Go to the boutiques and recruit more scarves for steps 1-11.

    Oh wait. Am I supposed to help bring you to some sense of sanity regarding scarves? Because if so, I'm kicking your behind on number/$ spent, so you maybe you'd want to talk to someone else. I'm really best at encouraging money to disappear. In fact, I'll just disappear myself. There MUST be a scarf out there I haven't used yet. (Doing the Homer Simpson, eyes-half-shut drool sound)
  3. DQ, you are my hero! I'm only in the 25-30 range and half of those are pochettes. :p
  4. Hee hee!
    Just think if you had paid retail for all of them! Your total would be more like $25K. That's a heck of a nice bag ;)
  5. (i didn't count the pouchettes or mousselines. :shame: )
  6. Rule of thumb -- cannot total your purchases, otherwise you realize the insane amounts you have spent...
  7. I am no where near the size of your collection, DQ but I have this to say ... the enjoyment your scarves give you, is P.R.I.C.E.L.E.S.S.:heart::heart:
  8. I did that once, and I freaked. Never ever again.
  9. I have some catching up to do. You're not an addict, you're an inspiration!
  10. I am NEVER going to count my scarves!
  11. lol, i always knew you were a wise woman, rose. ;)

    i'll feel better after HG and GF log on and tell us how many they have. :p
  12. I'm around there with you, but GF skunks us both.
  13. so funny because just this morning i opened a bag in my closet and found like 2 scarves i forgot about. i have only been collecting short time and lordie is right. i keep syaing i am going to pare down but um, that hasn't happened yet. think of it this way- you have one hell of a fabulous collection.
  14. LOL! I couldn't agree more. :sweatdrop:
  15. The correct system for totatling HS purchase is the HSE Hermes Scarf Equivalent , not the dollar, yaun, yen or whatever
    1 carre = 1 HSE
    1 pochette =1/3 HSE
    1 pointu = 2/3 HSE

    so, 50 carres =50 HSE ! A much more agreeable number !:tup::roflmfao: