Lord Tiger, Sir Dune, and Lady Intaglio

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  1. With the addition of Sir Dune to my collection of Mini Venetas, I think it is high time for a reveal of my little group, yes?

    Cruise 2007 Intagli (Intaglio) treatment (Ebano brown)(Cervo leather), blue suede lining
    S/S 2007 Dune treatment (Ebano brown)(Cervo Leather), blue suede lining
    Cruise 2008 Tiger treatment (Ayers trim/fettuce) (Lambskin)
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  2. 2019 11 15_2440.JPG
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  3. 2019 11 15_2442.JPG
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  4. 2019 11 15_2441.JPG
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    The petals of the flower (Lord Tiger is not faded, only light up :smile:
    2019 11 15_2439.JPG
  6. Mini Sandwich! 2019 11 15_2443.JPG
  7. Most delicate 2019 11 15_2444.JPG
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  9. Each bag is just stunning. :heart::heart::heart: And bizarre:nuts: without ever seeing or knowing which minis you have, i just purchased the exact same trio ....so there is no way i could have copied you :graucho: As you know from authenticating them for me! We must have very very similar taste lol:giggle: triplets! :hugs:Yours are all just beautiful :heart:
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  10. .
  11. Thank you! As are yours, I know! :flowers:

    Grazie, m’lady!
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  12. They are all amazing in their own way.

    Thank you for such detailed pictures, we can really appreciate the leather work, each one very special.
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  14. What a beautiful collection of minis! Each of them are so gorgeous and unique in their own way. :love:
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  15. drop dead! :faint:
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