Lord & Taylor

  1. Any good sales going on?
  2. they had shoes on sale and if you use your lord and taylor charge card you can get an extra 15% off
  3. They ALWAYS have sale stuff at my Lord & Taylor...last time I went, they had a TABLE FULL of Bleecker flaps and patent wristlets... plus the new Hamptons Embossed Carryalls were on sale!

    They also had two Signature Stripe Demi's on sale...

    And for shoes... lots of flats on sale including the Legacy stripe for $60, a couple pairs of sneakers.

    And if you get those coupons in the mail for 20% off clearance items, they apply to Coach! I love L&T!
  4. Man I wish we still had a Lord and Taylor they tore the one near us down. Macys sometimes has them on sale.
  5. Man I really wish I had a lord and taylor around me! I would be all over the shoes!