Lord Sheraton Leather Balsam

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  1. Just bought and applied this to ink Alexa and am q impressed. It contains beeswax and so really does soften up the leather - better than Clarks premium. Anyone ever tried it?
  2. Never heard of it!

    Another wonder cream? :biggrin:
  3. Waitrose used to sell their wipes & I thought they were great too for a quick bit of tlc- but they no longer stock them.
  4. I've used it Poppy and thought it was great. Morrisons stock both it and the Sheraton wipes which are good for an all over quickie!

    There is a Sheraton Beeswax too but it's for wood! I nearly bought it once but my bottle crashed!

    I got stuff in Cornwall Tescos, Wheelers Natural Beeswax Balm. I have a lot of bag polishing tonight :yahoo:
  5. I have it for my leather sofa..... maybe try it for bags...
  6. Is bag polishing like shoe counting corries? I got this is sainsburys in Farnham, surrey. Like the waxiness of it for alexa as she needs it. And only 2 pounds something. Def recommend. Got a scratch on alexa today - totally gone with lord Sheraton! Have two of the jar stuff from Mulb website on order. Getting obsessed about creams!
  7. Nah shoe counting is more fun I am lead to believe oh well maybe with the correct partner.... Though bag polishing is my kind of fun.... as less prepare and dehairing required....
  8. No shoe counting is not a one woman show (Well maybe if you're desperate!) Whereas bag polishing is an activity relished on your own. Sitting in a Stonehenge circle of leather like a pagan queen worshipping her goodies!
  9. I always bag polish in a threesome :nuts:

    Bags and a glass of wine whilst listening to my beloved Reading FC on the radio when they are playing away from home. Bliss !
  10. Thought things were getting racey there Slowhand.

    i like a brandy and a bodice ripper while I get buffing!
  11. ^^^ Ooh I do love a good bit of alliteration
  12. Ahem , not wanting to interrupt anything but the leather cleaner of the same brand is fab too - used it on denim marks on my cerise shimmy - all gone ! Use sparingly though as a bit of the colour comes away too !
  13. How dare you change the subject ltd?? Like a party political boradcast just as wekre about to find out whodunnit? ;)
  14. I'm Rubbing my Roxy in a Really Rough manner too.

    and Feeling Phoebe's Phenomonal Flaps!

    Honest I'm sober as a judge. Don't know where that came from.
  15. Good grief girl get a grip