Lord And Taylor - Winter Clearance / Extra 50% Off

  1. I got a cute pair Lucky Brand ankle length jeans for $20!
  2. Was just through there yesterday on my day off but didn't have much luck in my sizes. The Lucky jeans sounds like a great deal.
  3. has anyone gone to see if they have markdowns on coats still? this SA told me the 40% off orig. price sale for coats was the last markdown (a while ago) and afterwards they'd ship it off to outlets ... but i don't believe her! How can something go off to the outlets before they hit clearance at the stores??!
  4. Thanks!
  5. thats what i was told, too! I think those SAs are trained to lie! =(
    anyway I did stop by there and they marked it down to like 60% off original and a bunch of others for 40% off ticketed price for coats

    for the 2nd floor, a bunch of racks are still having their 50% off ticketed sale

    nothing great left over though that i can see... for coats, mostly larger sizes (like 12, a lot of searle and andrew marcs)

    but the lucky jeans sound great!