Lord and Taylor sale - 40% off coats and 50% OFF others!

  1. I stopped by Lord and Taylor today and only wanted to browse their coats with no intention on buying but they had 40% off almost all the coats there (off original price). They also have a 15% off coupon that you can use on top! I asked about their Soia and Kyo coats and it turns out they had only ONE LEFT in MY SIZE!! i got it for $176 plus tax !!

    okay normally i don't think a deal is a great deal unless i get at least 65% off but, from i dont really find soia and kyo coats on sale too often (except once i saw it loehmanns and was kinda sad lol) i digress.

    anyway, coats- there are lots - marc, searle, dkny, etc. etc.

    they also have huge sales along the rest of the store - 50% off CLEARANCE price, in which you can also use an add'l 20% off coupon!

    I can't find the coupon anymore ( i might have deleted it from my inbox ) but all the SAs will do it for you.

    Sorry if this was reposted but i couldn't find the thread!