Lord and Taylor F & F Starts Dec 6th

  1. :girlsigh:Hey every I just got a holiday part time at BCBG and they gave me a bunch of F & F for Lord and Taylor 20% off. It can be used on everything (even coach and BCBG) except cometics I believe. If anyone would like one let me know! I guess we could make arrangements for postage and stuff. Let me know I have a lot!! It it for 4 days!
  2. does it have individual codes on it, can you just post a scan of the flyer here? is Ugg included? TIA
  3. Can I use it for online purchase?
  4. I'll take one! How do I go about getting it?
  5. can you give me one code via PM if you can?:yes:
  6. I would like one, too please. Do you know if they are offering free shipping?
  7. i'd like one too if u have any left! thanks =)
  8. I'd love one too if you have an extra!
  9. Does it include Uggs? Thanks.
  10. Hey you can't use it online it has to be in store PM me your address ASAP and I'll mail it to you I have a lot!! It does not include Ugg sorry!
  11. shirleebee@hotmail.com

    Please! I have one right in my town & I love going there. A code would be amazing.
  12. Hi
    I Would Love One Do You Have Any Left?