Lord and Taylor Coupons!!

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  1. Lord and Taylor is having this HUGE handbag sale. I got a $400 Kate Spade bag for $190. The bag came out a week ago in Kate Spade stores. Here is the link to the coupons and if you notice - Kate Spade, Coach and other high end bags are NOT excluded. You must go to a store near you and check it out. Trust me, it is worth the trip!!


    Happy Shopping!!
  2. ^^ WOW, thanks!! I was just at Lord & Taylor last weekend (went in to "use the restroom real quick") but by the time I had convinced the BF to go upstairs to look at the women's stuff, the store was closing. I ran around like a mad woman checking out their handbag sale. Had some cute/good stuff, but not enough to make me want to run to the registers. This may do it though, thanks!
  3. Thanks! I may have to swing by Lord & Taylors on my way to Coach this weekend. :tup:
  4. I have to stop by too!! Thanks!
  5. Thanks I'm going to check it out today. Is everything marked down? Or just certain items? I'm realllllly eyeing a Coach agenda that I saw in the store two days ago!
  6. Only some things are marked down, but quite a bit actually. The sales people don't even know what is on sale, so you have to do some of the work. I found about 5 bags that were on sale and the saleswoman did not even know. Find a scanner thing or ask them to scan it. Especially the Coach and Kate Spade stuff. I hope you guys find some great items like I did!!
  7. Which Kate Spade bag did you get? I'm eyeing the savona paige or savona malea.
  8. Classic Noel Square Alme in black and white, $395, just came out a few weeks ago, got it for $190!! Also got the wallet to match on sale and the large black griffen/tarrytown tote. The woman had no clue these were on sale. I scanned them just by chance.
  9. Wow! Thanks! Lord and Taylor has some of the best sales!
  10. Oh my, this & tax free weekend makes it even more awesome, thanks a lot!!