Lorac makeup?

  1. Any opinions?

    What is it comparable to?

    Thank you! :flowers:
  2. Hi Sonya,

    I personally think Lorac is an overhyped makeup brand. While it's not bad, it's not stellar, in my opinion. It's comparable to Smashbox... they even have a lot of similiar items. I've tried the Lorac concealor, which was a good color match but poor consistency, and the Lorac eyeshadows and lipglosses (the "Lip Polish" that comes in a little nailpolish bottle -- cute idea, but not really functional).
  3. Thanks. :flowers:
  4. I bought Lorac eyeshadows when Benefit stopped making the pewter-y neutral shade I loved. I asked the SA at Sephora and she suggested Lorac.

    I love it even better than Benefit and now have 6 Lorac shadows! I haven't tried any other of her products though.
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