LORAC anyone?

  1. What do you think of their oil-free wet/dry powder makeup? I've read the reviews on MUA, but I always double-check with TPF! :yes:

    If you'd like to suggest another brand of powder foundation, please do!
  2. Wow I haven't tried that but I LOVE the Lorac eye shadows!!
  3. me too, their palettes are gorgeous
  4. Ever since benefit got away from rich neutrals in their creamy eyeshadows I've sworn by Lorac. Thanks to the Sephore SA for the recommendation otherwise I never would have tried this. I've got at least 5 or 6 various neutrals from light to deep...love 'em all! :tup:
  5. OMG I want to check this out! May I ask how you prevent the wet shadow from creasing? Does the DuWop help with that? Sorry if this is a little OT.
  6. Ohh, I love Duwop. I must start trying LORAC too, I really haven't given it a chance yet and I probably should.
  7. ^^ LOL, doh, thanks!