Lopsided Milk Production - Left, Right, and Left Again?

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  1. I've read that it's normal for one breast to produce more than the other but is it normal for them to switch around?

    My left breast used to be the prize producer (geez, that makes it sound like a cow). Then it switched to my right and now it's back to my left. I haven't had any blocked ducts as far as I can tell - has anyone else experienced this?
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    Perfectly normal. I actually had a problem like that when I first started breastfeeding my DS. For about a few weeks my right produced more than my left. I have no idea why. The only thing I could think of is that I started him out on the right side, so I have no idea. lol
    I'm sure your production will settle down once you and your baby are on a feeding schedule, and your milk production has attuned more to his needs :smile:
    What I used to do to try and even it out, was massage my breast that didn't produce as much as the other one. I think it helped, cause they eventually evened out so :P
  3. i don't recall having that issue. i just know that it takes awhile for everything to get regulated.
  4. Mine do this too.. don't worry! It should all adjust! I think mine regulated by about 3 or 4 months...but now and then I still get engorged a little at night.
  5. Yep, it's normal. It's just because one is getting a little more stimulation than the other. It's no biggie.
  6. I had that issue for a while till a lactation nurse (I attend a bfeeding support group) said to do this:

    Right, Left
    Next feeding: Left, Right
    3rd feeding: Right, Left... etc

    Reason being babies nurse hungrily at the first breast so it's stimulated to produce more milk and faster. If you keep nursing on the same side first time each feed your breast is likely to get bigger than the other side over a period of time.
  7. totally normal, esp since it's only been a month of BF. It all has to do with the stimulationof your breasts! As long as you alternate regularly it'll be fine
  8. Thanks for all the input ladies! I love having you guys as a resource :hugs: