Loot part one: Josephine PM


Sep 6, 2006
So, I had turned down the mirror to get my mini mono Josephine PM and key and change holder in black! It arrived sooner than I thought and I really do LOVE IT!! :love:

Then I decided to get a mirror anyway and my pap should be here Wed.!! YEAH! I will post pictures of that (loot part deux) as soon as it arrives!


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Thanks!! I really love it more in person than in the photos. Also the photos they had on elux weren't really very good actually! LOL It's so hard to just go by one photo but I figured this was my last chance to get this since it's discontinued. I definately recommend it.

I know I don't need anymore bags but I may have to pick up up the cherry color if it's still around after Christmas!
Crystal, do you mind to take the pic next to your mini lin speedy?? I want to see how close the color shade between these bags...I :heart:your josephine color.TIA