LOOT Part Deux: Gold Mirror pap-Modeling

  1. OKay I got my Gold Mirror Pap! :yahoo: I went ahead and modeled it with my Christmas dress (I so can't wait for the party now!) and a casual look (what I am wearing today). I might as well get some use out of it!!
    goldpap1.JPG goldpap2.JPG goldpap3.JPG goldpap4.JPG
  2. wow, look at them tata's..i mean the pap muahah

    I like your outfits, love the gold pap
  3. Thanks LOL! Yeah they are kinda um...big.
  4. Looks gorgeous on you.:yahoo: It really goes well with different clothing options too - I wish I had one.:sad:
  5. You look gorgeous! And you're just rocking that bag!

    I love the GOLD! Beautiful hun!
  6. Oooh, you look stunning in that dress! Congrats, I like your new pap!
  7. You look great! Congrats
  8. Congrats! Bag looks great with both and on you.:smile:

    Loving those boots, too.
  9. Wow... you look just gorgeous and the bag is perfect, congrats!!!
  10. Thanks all! :love:

    I do really love this bag. It really is more versatile than you would think.
  11. Way to fill out a dress girl! and not a bad accessory in the pap either. Congrats its beautiful. Those boots are wicked cute too
  12. The pap looks beautiful with the long dress, but with the casual outfit......Wow! Congrats on your beautiful bag!!!!
  13. You look amazing!! The bag looks so good on you!
  14. WOW!!!! You are one HOT mama!!! That pap looks gorgeous on you!! love, love, love! :love:
  15. Yeah to be honest I actually kinda like it better with a casual outfit! LOL :shrugs: I am still going to wear it to the party though! :nuts: