Loot from the outlet today...

  1. Wow, the outlets were crazy today! Here's what I got at the Coach outlet:

    Bag for my daughter
    2 cosmetic bags
    Wallet for Hubby
    Business card holder for Hubby
    Swingpack for me for our summer vacation

  2. Great shopping day! Were they having a holiday sale? I love when you guys post pictures :heart:3

    I have another question, does that swingpack have a creed/serial number? Someones been asking about it in our Authenticate This thread.
  3. Gorgeous colors!
  4. how much was the striped tote and the cosmetic bags? I really love those and I am planning to go the outlets this week.
  5. I just checked the swingpack and it doesn't have any coach emblem or serial number inside. I don't know about the other swingpacks, but this type doesn't.

    The smaller, pencil-bag type cosmetic bag was $17.99. The larger cosmetic bag was $29.99. These were in the back, and I had to ask for them. The little striped tote was $71.99.

    Most everything in the store was already marked down, and then there was an additional percentage off everything.
  6. We need photos! Congrats on a productive day!
  7. Great loot Tammy! Can't wait to go on Tues, hoping for some good deals :smile:
  8. Congrats! Loving the colors; very pretty!
  9. It's the first time I visit Coach forum...
    Love your buying..the scarf is really cute..congrats
  10. i bought that scarf for my hair, bu ti returned it becuase it didnt go well with my black hair : ( oh well..tehres always labor day right? lol.
  11. great purchases! great summer colors! they have some great deals at the coach outlet comparing their prices to what they retail for! congrats :smile:
  12. Thank you for checking! :heart:3

    Ugh! I'm so excited about going now! I dont know if I can wait until Tuesday, lol :shame:
  13. great purchases!
  14. the only cosmetic bags they had were leather, and they seemed to thick and bulky for me to use, congrats on your purchases! aww your such a nice mom/wife :smile:)
  15. They have an extra 40% off their already clashed Outlet prices! I got some goodies but am too lazy to take and post pics now.
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