Loot from NYC shopping trip!

  1. My faboo loots from a weekend NYC shopping trip:

    MM Picotin in Potiron with a guest appearance by Mulberry's croc shaped key chain
    La Danse du Cheval Marwari scarf (vanilla c/w)
    La Danse pochette
    Belt and H buckle (black/orange reversible)
    Kelly Caleche fragrance

    Interesting story about the Kelly Caleche. I sprayed it on to test and was completely revolted by the way it smelled on me. sour grapefruit - blech! A full 2 hours later I kept getting whiffs of that intoxicating H store smell, too strong to be coming up from the bag. Sniffed my wrists and lo and behold... they smelled exactly like the H store. I thought I was going crazy so deferred to my friend and she said, yep it smells like the store. Needless to say I couldn't get back there fast enough!

    Thanks to the lovely Piaffe for giving me picotin fever!
  2. What a haul!!!

    Congratulations on all of your beautiful goodies - especially the lovely picotin!!! TEAM POTIRON!!!

    ...and how about some action shots?
  3. :girlsigh: Beautiful!!! And I love the belt!
  4. Great purchases dogbiskit. Cute aligator charm.
  5. ^^ p.s. I loved Kelly caleche at first, switched to a sample from eux des merveilles - and now I'm off the Kelly caleche again. Except that I seem to smell like the boutique, which I really like. I can't figure out which one is working this magic!
  6. Great choices, Dogbiskit! Love the belt and the Marawi- I've been looking for a scarf to frame and I think that might just be the one, the design is so intricate and beautiful.
  7. Wow, what a fabulous haul from H! Congratulations on your great choices!!!
  8. Beautiful treasures. Enjoy!
  9. Wow... what a great haul. Congrats. Great colour on the Picotin...

  10. Thanks so much Piaffe, Razor, Sus, Elle, Birkin, Coleigh and Kallie. I'm really happy with everything. My first H bag! When I first saw the Marwari on the website, I wasn't too keen on it but boy is it gorgeous in real life. I actually bought the round H croc key chain and then returned it a few hours later because I thought the Mulberry one was way cuter - the jaws are hinged and open and close rawr rawr rawr!
  11. Your picotin is so cute!!!! Congrats!!!

    I'm planning to buy the kelly caleche soon, too.
  12. fabulous finds!
  13. What beautiful items! Love the picotin in potiron! Would you mind telling us what the retail is currently for the mm version? thanks!
  14. Very nice! Love the Picotin, and the scarf is yummy!:heart:
  15. everything is so beautiful. i just love your picotin. beautiful color.
    kelly caleche has become my favorite day time fragrance.