Loot from my Hermes visits this week.

  1. Megs and I welcomed our baby boy earlier this month and wanted to share the news with the TPF community. Come say hello to Baby Vaughn!
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  1. OK....in addition to accidently ordering my Birkin (found out it won't be in for at least a year - gives me some time to save....or butter up DH!!), I made a few purchases....

    Swapped the red/white scarf for black & white - CHIC!!
    Bought pink "decoupages" scarf - new for A/W '06, but is a re-issue
    Gorgeous clic-clac H bracelet in green to match the Vert Anis when it arrives
    Sailboat cadena in pall to go on the black Kelly (and to commemorate the year of Luxs' birth!)

    And added a pic of Lux with her Hermes.........will do other DD later!! (she has pink, Lux has Mauve).
    100-0008_IMG.JPG 100-0010_IMG.JPG 100-0011_IMG.JPG 100-0013_IMG.JPG
  2. ah, poo...the sailboat is blurry......I only have a ****ty little canon...I'll get DH to take pics with his Leica later if anyone wants a closer look??
  3. OMG Kristie!!!! Baby Lux is ADORABLE! I'm in love.....she's so precious and beautiful......just a doll! You are blessed!

    I love the decoupage scarf in that color-way...that's the name, right? And I have the En Desorde scarf only in the pale blue and white color....LOVE IT! Love everything, K.....including the bracelet!
  4. Congrats!!!! Everything is gorgeous but especially your baby! :flowers:
  5. she looks like she has red hair in the pic...it's actually very light brown...I am dark brunette and DH WAS blonde (he's Austrian)...until about 10 years ago....now he's GREY!!!!
  6. Well, so is mine but that's because of my spending habits!!!!!
  7. DH's is because of MY spending habits, I think!!
  8. Baby Lux is precious! She is an angel! Congrats on your purchases! I love the bracelet!
  9. aww your baby is soo precious! she is perfect!!!! :tender:
    and wow nice purchases! All of them are amazing!! Congrats!!:flowers:
  10. I am very impressed with picture four... from hermes?
    (just kiddig...beautiful:angel: ...really :tender: )
  11. Congrats on the new purchases !! I love baby Lux in that outfit with the baby blanket, she looks ADORABLE !!!!!:love::heart:
  12. Ava......you're a dag!! The blanket is a cashmere "Dada" blanket from Hermes!!! My other DD has one in pink......it IS Hermes-related....see?? - LOL!!!!:lol: :upsidedown:
  13. Kristie, Lux is so precious!! What a beautiful little lady.
    And your other loot is awesome!
  14. Yes, thank you:biggrin:
  15. Teaching them younge hu?? :graucho:

    I love your baby blanket! and everything else is TDF!