Loot Alert! 2 BIG boxes & 1 petite one...

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  1. I need to go for rehab! Just got back from HK yesterday with a little H box, and then I received a call from my lovely SA, headed straight for my local Hermes and came out with a big H box and a huge grin. Drove home, and when I got out of the car, a big FedEx box was waiting for me! 3 bags in 2 days, this has gotta stop, but I don't want it to!

    Pictures to follow soon....
  2. :popcorn:
  3. hboxes.jpg

    ok i lied, there were more than just 3 boxes. More like 7!
  4. hhandles.jpg

    This will be a very quick and synchronised striptease. Momma's got no time to mess around as the baby is waiting to go swimming....

    First out, 3 lovely handles, all in different skins...
  5. omg, its really raining H on tPF
  6. :drinkup::popcorn::party:
  7. looks like you've got a birkin (vert olive?) kelly (box, perhaps?) and a KP?

  8. 1 is box, 1 is togo and 1 is swift...
  9. HOLY CRAP!! Show more, show more!!! :tup:
  10. hkp.jpg
    First to strip down to the buff, my new KP in Gold Swift PH from Hermes HK... she's not too shy!
  11. Next up, her big sister....
  12. Is it kp swift? box kelly and togo birkin?

  13. Raisin Togo 35 Birkin PH with a little hippo from HK
  14. All about bags - You're very close! KP swift, togo birkin, but it's not a kelly in box.... Saving the best for last!
  15. wow. How exciting! Hermes Lucky stars must be shinning on you =)