Loosing sleep at night... having shoes shipped and unsure about sizing ~HELP~

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  1. Hello ladies,

    Like I mentioned in a previous post, my sister lives in NYC now (moved there for work with her hubby) and is sending me 2 pairs of Louboutins she purchased for me down there. I still live in Canada and we have a crappy selection here. We USED to be the same somewhat the same shoe size but now that shes preggo and swollen (she cant even wear her shoes nor her wedding rings!) shes tried her best sizing wise. She only has a few pairs of Louboutins, shes more of a Choo and Manolo gal- so her knowledge is limited. Oh and btw, she said the SA treated her like crap (she blames it on being 6+ mos preggo and hideous... I know shes exaggerating shes a beautiful girl but just with child)

    Now, Im new to Louboutin and Im not great with names. So bear with me-
    this is what she got me:

    *pair of black (prives I believe?)... she said they are black leather (not patent) and they are slingblacks with a peep toe (sound familiar?)
    She got them for me in a size 39. I am a 7 1/2. I quickly checked the nearest Holts and they didnt have this pair. Do you think they'll fit?

    *pair of (I think) snake skin... I THINK she said serpentine? Peep toe pumps with a closed backing. She was advised to go a size up and got me a 40.

    I know I could always ship them back to her- worst case scenario... but Im sure that will be DREADFUL b/c I'll want to wear them right away :graucho:

    ....Forgive me bc I did a search and sifted through the reference library but it was useless because I dont know the exact names.

    Thanks ladies!
    Shes shipping em off on Monday so it would be great if you could help incase sizing is off. ;)
  2. The peep toe slingback might be the NP-the sizing may be too big. I am not sure which snakeskin she is referring too. Why don't you just wait and see. Like you said, they can be sent back for the correct sizes. As CL changed a lot of sizing for fall, its hard to say for sure.
  3. If she got you the No Prives, then I think the 39 will be too big. I am a US 5, and I find that I fit a 35 or 35.5 in those. I know some ladies size down because of the slings but I find it fit TTS for me.

    I'm not sure about the Serpentine though...I don't know what that is.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.