Loose threads. . So sad!!!

  1. I live in Indiana and it is near to impossible to buy Balenciaga unless it's online. While shopping at Saks in Indianapolis a SA told me that he could order the handbag from New York and I wouldn't have to pay tax on it. I was so hesitant but so badly wanted this bag. I'm on the notification list at Aloha Rag, but I haven't heard anything in weeks. I took a chance and had him order the bag. Well, it arrived today, and as soon as I opened the box, this long thread reared its ugly stringy self at me. :wtf: I looked closely and it's been pulled and a stitch has already come loose. I totally want to return it. Am I being too picky? This is a pretty big purchase for me. I called Saks and they said I could return it BUT on top of everything else. . I WAS charged Indiana sales tax.
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  2. Wow, thats a huge bummer! I haven't had bbags long enough to know if that spells trouble or if you can just clip the thread. Hopefully someone will post who knows what to do!
    Let us know how it goes...
  3. i'm so sorry this happened to you. return it! i hope you find one that you love soon!

    i'm not sure if you mind but i would go with balny (kim is great) if it's a black city (?). free shipping and no tax too. or call up aloha rag?

    let us know how it goes. :smile:
  4. Oh wow, I'm sorry. If I were you I would return it and find a perfect one. That's definitely not something to live with.

    As far as Saks charging you tax... I thought I read somewhere that if ordering from the NY Saks one would not be charged tax. BUT, Saks is weird on how and when they charge tax. It obviously depends on what state you are buying from and what state is being delivered to. I know for me for sure when I buy from Saks in CA I do not get charged tax.
  5. Thanks for the support. I feel kinda silly but I was just so forward to getting this bag!
  6. don't feel silly, i understand how you feel! i would feel completely the same way too. especially since it's your first. do return it and get a perfect one! i'm sorry this happened.
  7. If a stitch has already come out, return the bag! Chances are the surrounding stitches are now loosened and over time will come out, and if you're spending money on an investment bag like this, that's not good. Since AR doesn't have your bag yet, I assume, I'd also try BalNY since you'll save on tax there. Daphne and Kim there are both great to deal with.
  8. no, you are not being too picky. the loose thread is long. i was thinking it was just one loose thread. i would definite return it and then call around for another one. try balenciaga new york. no tax or shipping.
  9. Thanks for the great advice! I never even thought of trying BalNY. It's nice to know I have options. On a funny side note, I showed my husband the bag and he looks at the thread and was like, "It's not that bad. Look, it probably was just never clipped". Then, before, I could stop him, he gives it a gentle tug and 2 stitches come loose!!:shrugs: I actually gasped out loud. I honestly think he did, too. He then looks at me and says, "You should definately return it." So, ultimately, I do think it would have come loose over time.
  10. You will be charged sales tax if there is a store in your state, i.e., Saks has a store in Indiana, so you would be charged even if you ordered it from the NY store. That why so many on TPF order from BalNY (as long as you don't live in NY or New Jersey), you don't pay sales tax. However, BalNY has a very restrictive return policy. Aloha Rag doesn't charge sales tax to those of us who live in the mainland U.S. You can return there, but they do charge a restocking fee of some sort. Hope this helps.
  11. That definitely should not happen on a brand new bag! I hope you can return it and get another one very soon. It is so hard when you have to buy bags without seeing them.
  12. I have a Saks in my state, but when I order from CA Saks they do not charge me tax. I have asked how this works and even the SA's can't explain it. It's not the normal, if you don't have the store in your state you won't be charged tax.

    I think what happened in the OP's case is that the SA in Indiana rang up the transaction at that store but had it shipped from the NY store. The OP should not have been charged tax if the item was actually rung up in the NY store. I assume that probably didn't happen because the Indiana SA would then not get the commission. This is what happens when I buy from my favorite NM SA, she finds bags at different stores, has them shipped to me but always rings the transaction at her store and mails the receipt to me. HTH
  13. The SA was correct to charge you Indiana sales tax. If Saks has a store in your state, they are required to charge tax and are required to charge the tax of the destination state. Regardless, not that anyone reports, but even if you are not charged tax (either by accident or because you are in a state where Saks or any other seller does not have a location), you legally still owe the tax. You are supposed to self-assess a use tax in an amount equal to the sales tax. Again, this is not widely enforced but the state has the legal right to come after you for any item you purchased without paying tax.
  14. That's not good, definitely return it! With the sales tax, I've ordered from out-of-state Saks and they charged my Cali sales tax even though it was rung up from the out-of-state store. As long as there's the same store in your state, you'd get charge the sales tax.
  15. That's what I thought, too. I asked the SA for a receipt and he said it would be packed in with my shipment. That's when I noticed the tax. Not to mention it was shipped from California and not from New York like he said. I'm definately going to either try BalNY or hold out a bit longer for Aloha Rag. Aside from the wild thread, it's a beautiful bag. It's sitting in our spare bedroom and every now and again I peek in to look at it like it's a newborn. The sooner I return it the better!