loose stitching - is this normal?


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Oct 17, 2020
Hi Ladies,

I just bought a new classic medium flap in black caviar / SHW from BG in NYC. I originally went to the Chanel store on 57th and was told by the SA they had none available in the city (not true), and they were trying to sell me a floor model that had scratches on the inside (eek!!). I then went to BG across the street, and luckily they had one new bag available.

I didn’t inspect the bag until coming home, and I noticed that a few stitches are ever so slightly loose. I’m not terribly picky, so I will probably be keeping the bag (especially if there is a shortage in NYC), but was wondering if any others have noticed something like this and if it is normal for Chanel bags. It’s very subtle and not visible unless you look very closely, but just wanted some assurance that this is ok. After spending $7k on a bag, I’d want it to be as perfect as possible.



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Jan 22, 2007
England, UK
It can be sent away for repair or some boutiques repair it in-house. My previous classic flap had two loose stitches (from new) that looked far worse than yours and I was just prepared to accept it as I was sick of trying to find the perfect flap. I would keep it as it doesn’t look bad and the caviar on yours looks beautiful!


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Nov 6, 2019
I’m having the same issue with my brand new classic flap!
I found loose stitchings on the bottom of the flap when I got home.
Quite worried these loose stitchings will become more loose in the future... I do want to keep the bag for a very long time.
Would you guys keep this or exchange it?
Given this bag costed almost AUD$11k, I’m not comfortable with a less than perfect bag...