loose stitches&scratched hardware...

  1. i gave my mom a bifold bearn wallet last july (for her birthday). the wallet isn't old & she uses it carefully...however, some of the stiching on the top (inside) has come off and the hardware on the front has some scratches. is there anyway this can be fixed? would she be able to send it to her local hermes boutique for a spa? the bearn wallet was originally purcased in US and she is asia.

    any suggestions would be appreciated. thank you in advance:flowers:
  2. Maria, absolutely she can take it to her nearest Hermes and they should be able to get it fixed for her even if they don't have a local craftsperson there; they can ship it to the closest one who has one. It may take some time though, but it should definitely not be a problem.
  3. I had the same experience with mine (stitching around the fold) that came loose and started running... I was SO not happy since I only had the wallet for a year. My local shop sent it to Paris for repair (no craftsperson at mine) and it took about 5 months to get it back and it cost $175 Cdn.

    I think the hardwarre scratching is pretty normal though. My H bags/wallet all have light surface scratches.
  4. would they be able to improve the scratches? the hardware on my dogon wallet doesn't seem to show scratches like the hardware on my mom's bearn wallet....they were bought around the same time.
    i was just surprised when my mom told me today (over the phone), cause for the amount it cost and the wallet is less than a year old.
  5. ^ITA - I actually didn't find my Bearn to wear that well and even though it's back from the shop, I'm back to using a cheaper wallet again since it didn't withstand the daily use. It's a great looking wallet, but the stitching popping and also the sealing separating where the tab slips into the H seems like it would recur to me.

    How bad are the scratches? Mine are pretty normal compared to other things I've owned.
  6. The stitches can be fixed beautifully but sadly, not the scratches.
  7. Hi Maria28,

    I had a kelly with oxidized silverware (just a little bit). I brought it to Hermes Hong Kong and they roughly quoted for HKD2-3k (USD258-387) for a spa and change of silverware. HK does not have any craftsman so they have to send it somewhere else.
  8. the scratches are just surface (not deep), perhaps from handling and brushing against other things? there're no oxidising/tarnishes on the hardware. i'm wondering if a silver polish cloth would help?
    the loose stitches are the ones on top where the fold is (i'm guessing the same as yours).

    thanks for everyone's suggestions....i'll tell my mom to send it to her hermes store. hmm, i wonder how much it'd cost in asia?

    my mom is kind of a perfectionist, so this is bugging her. i did offer to give her my dogon and i'll use the bearn, but she likes the bearn's style more.
  9. J..so sorry to hear that. But yes you may want to consider not ever getting your mom another Bearn. I had mine for about 6 months and the stitching is also begining to pop. My SA suggest I put less cards in it (But I have a tri-fold) and I put one card in one slot....So I guess the bearn cannot handle that. The other thing you can try is get a softer leather? (not box, not chevre perhaps? I dont know how much that might help)
  10. the leather is buffalo gala and it felt pretty soft to me.... i thought it'd be a great wallet cause it felt so light and supple.
    o, well....
  11. :wtf: OMG, does this happen to the compact size bearn too?
    I ordered one few months ago.... If this is a common issue for the Bearn
    I might consider changing my mind to something else .......

    BTW.... how about the new Bearn wallet with the coin pocket outside????? same issue?