Loose stitch on my bag...

  1. I just noticed this today during my lunch hour. It seems as if there is a loose stitch on my birkin, on one of the straps. I have included a photo for reference.

    What should I do? Should I take it in to my local H store and see what can be done? What usually happens in this case? Does it get fixed at the store, or does it need to be sent elsewhere? Any ideas on how long it would take? I would hate having to leave her, but I'm upset that this happened.

    Any advice would be great.

  2. Cristina- call your boutique and tell them what happened!
  3. I think bring it to H boutique. I am sure they can fix it easily.
  4. Def bring it in. I remember reading that Hermes said the saddle stitch done correctly should never come loose(undone). I think it was in the Vanity Fair article...
  5. These things happen. Usually can be fixed while you wait depending on the expertise of the boutique staff. Hang in there. Your beautiful bag will be good as new.
  6. Oh no Christina I´m so sorry. I can´t see clearly but to me it looks more like a scratch and the stich is fine?
  7. Def. take it to your store. BTW is the stitching on your bag purple, or is it just the lighting (love the colour of your bag BTW)?

  8. The photo isn't that great, I know. If you're seeing it that way, it's because the loose stitch is hanging down vertically and looks somewhat like a line. It's a very, very small piece of string hanging loose from the other stitches.

    Thanks for the advice, ladies. My SA is not in today, so I'll bring it to the store next week. I hope they're able to fix it. It's funny because no one can see it, but of course I know it's there!

    Cal - The stitching is a brownish-purple. It looks more purple because of the flash. Thank you :love:
  9. Cristina, sorry about the loose stitch! Definitely take it in. They should be able to do something. As impeccable as Hermes craftsmanship is, it's not perfect. I've seen this happen several times.
  10. c i am sorry about your stitching. is the bag 2007? i have a 2007 bag that has stitiching problems too. good luck and i am sure a H store can fix it no problem.
  11. Cristina, it maybe just a loose end of a thread on a stitch that is supposed to be 'tucked in'. As long as the linen thread is still intact and connected from one stitch to another stitch, then you should be fine. Sometimes, part of the fiber of the linen thread becomes loose and sticks out on a particular stitch. The beeswax coating applied on the line thread before stitching is suppose to also help in keeping the fiber of the linen thread together on a stitch.
  12. Yes, it's a 2007 bag. I'm sorry you are also having problems with the stitching!

    JH - Thanks for that info! I really appreciate your help, as well as everyone who has posted. It looks to be what you're describing, JH - a loose end of a thread. I'll take it to my store to see if they can remove the extra thread. LOL, there is no way I could try and remove it myself, being the klutz that I am :rolleyes: I'll keep you all posted!
  13. I remember there was a previous thread on this. Let me try to dig it up.
  14. Hope it is an easy fix and sorry to hear this happened! :flowers:
  15. The craftsman can fix that loose stitch easily. It happened to my Birkin too.