Loose/Spinning studs on Chrome Jovi

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  1. I carried my Chrome Jovi for the 2nd time today, and I noticed the studs have become loose, some are slightly turning, but some are almost spinning! I'm now so worried that they will come off with use!

    I checked the studs on my Grey Marley and the Black Charlie, but the studs on these 2 bags are very tightly attached, unlike the Jovi!

    If you own the Jovi, are your studs loose and spinning like mine? Please help~
  2. Oh no! :wtf: I just took mine out to check (Grey/gunmetal), and all the studs are still fine. I've carried mine about three times too, didn't have any issues when carrying them. I've got studs on my Jovi as well as the Mason, and they've all seemed pretty secure.

    I'd contact Treesje asap and see what they have to say. Worringly, when I was contacting them about the bits of split sealant on my Magnolia's handles, they said that they don't cover the cost of international shipping in either direction... I'd push them to see what they say in this case, though, because those studs definitely should not be falling off! (And IA, even RM studs/feet aside, if they're spinning or almost doing so, that's never a good sign...)
  3. The stud on my grey turner are fine. I have been using the bag for a while. Good thing is treesje comes with 1 year warranty, so you will be able to get it fixed.

  4. Does anyone know how long it takes to receive a response from Treesje CS? I've written to them about my problem 3 days ago and still haven't heard back.
  5. Hmm, 3 days is definitely way too long, they typically email back sooner than that. I'd definitely contact them again asap, and once more on Tuesday if they still don't get back to you by then. (BTW, do you need Nataly's email address? I don't know if she's their official CS rep, but she's the one usually responding to emails from the contact form on their website. If you're not already emailing her, it's nataly [at] treesje.com.) Hope they get back to you soon...
  6. Thanks starkfan, I will contact them again today!
  7. Nataly at Treesje finally responded yesterday. She told me it depends on the thickness of leather and since Jovi is made with thinner leather, maybe that is why the studs are not as tight as my other bags. Suggestion? She told me to take my Jovi to a local cobbler to have them tighten the studs for me.

    I should have ordered the Soleil instead of the Jovi, this bag is such a disappointment. I will try to take pictures to let you see how "loose" the studs are.
  8. Oh No! This is not good to know esp when I am only easing in to the brand. Like they suggested, maybe a good local cobbler can do as good a good as sending it back(crazy shipping might just defeat the purpose of fixing).
  9. Yikes, that's not really the best response... :s I did get a similar type of response with regards to my Magnolia (which had a problem with the sealant on the underside of the braided handle splitting really soon after I started using it), i.e. the response to try getting it fixed by a local cobbler/repair place. I think this is an area where they definitely need to improve... They seem willing enough to sort out repairs for bags in the US, from what has been posted here in the past, but it's disconcerting that they tend to respond this way for international cases.

    Any idea if the Chrome leather is really all that thin, though? The Grey leather on my Jovi does feel thinner than those in my other Treesjes, but that doesn't seem to have affected the studs on mine, as I've previously mentioned. (Close to 4 hours in a mosh pit later -- during which I was also occasionally gripping/shielding the bag by the studs too, BTW -- and the studs still seem fairly secure too. If you pry at them a bit, you could get the edges of the studs to lift a little, but they still don't spin or turn, at least on mine.)

    If it's specific to the Chrome leather, that's not good to hear that this could (in essence) easily occur on other studded Chrome bags too. OTOH, if it's specific to your Jovi, e.g. you unfortunately wound up with a dud, that's even worse that this is their response. Sorry that you're experiencing this with your Jovi, tejava... :sad: FWIW, though, there have also been a few mentions of Soleils having sticky zipper issues, and that has occurred with at least three or so Soleils belonging to tPFers (including my Soleil), so the Soleil might've had some issues of its own too.
  10. I'm not sure if it's specific to the Chrome leather, but there's a turquoise Marley for sale on ebay that's missing a stud. It's described as a store display so it's probably been knocked around a bit, but I don't think the studs should be falling off.

    Here's a link to the bag. The fourth pic shows the missing stud. (Not my auction, btw)


    Sorry about the unsatisfactory response from CS, tejava.
  11. I have the chrome Mini Marley, and all of my studs are in tact. It is not a thin leather IMO. I will be keeping an eye on my studs as I will be mad if I lose one.
  12. Oy.. this is why I am over all things studded! Sorry, I know this doesn't help the situation. All I can say is that my Soleil is great....

    Sorry for the not-so-great response from Treesje :hugs: