loose snap on woc

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  1. I have a classic caviar woc that I purchased from bloomingdales this past summer. I have used it just about everyday since then and love it. However, I now find more and more that it is becoming unsnapped very easily. It seems as though the snap is loose and doesn't want to stay shut securely as it once did. Anyone else experience this and if so what can be done? Also, it is definitely not a case of it being overly stuffed.
  2. That is very unfortunate because i also have a classic caviar woc and it stays close all the time. Unless i am not paying attention and don't close it properly. Maybe you should take it back to the store to get it looked at.
  3. hmmm do you use yours often? I have worn it just about everyday and am wondering if this is why.
  4. Yes, I had the same dilemma with my last WOC. It opened by itself during walking, I sold it.
    The snap of the second one was better, but after a time I have the same problem. I think if you use it often and open/close it often than every WOC will be the same after a time. So sad!
  5. Seems like something that happens over time with the WOC. Shame, but if it doesn't bother you too much dont worry, just enjoy it :smile: or perhaps you could speak to Chanel and see if they can rectify the issue?
  6. Well that really stinks! I was hoping maybe it would just be a quick fix like tightening the snap and then I would be off on my way to enjoy her more.

    Chanel customer service is not always the nicest. I just had an issue with some sunnies and the sa did a courtesy exchange "this one time only." I wanted to say back to her that it wasn't my fault they were defective and the CC just fell off the arm but I remained calm and got my new pair. It's just sometimes they have such a way of making you feel like you want your things to not function properly and you're looking for faults.
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