Loose Powder Help!

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  1. Hi Gals,

    Ok i need to replace my loose powder and need all of your collective intelligence and recommendations!

    I have T zone oiliness and constant pimples. one of the problems I'm having right now is that by noon, my foundation/powder kind of melts away on these area --> my forehead and the cheek area below my eyes and next to my nose. So it look patchy by mid day and just very bad looking.

    I'm in hot and humid weather mostly.

    It's a little better on the days that I use primer. Some powders I've used look fake or will show the fine lines and pore holes.

    I'm using estee lauder right now and it's fine but wondering if there's something better. I'd like to stick to normal price range items (max $50) vs. the $90+ price powders like La Mer and Clea de Peu.

    Wanted to see if any of you having similar skin/weather conditions that got resolved. and which powder worked well for you.

    I'm getting a friend to buy it for me at a DFS in the next 1-2 days so post quick with your recommendations1

  2. Clarins has a great loose powder for $3o or $35 something like that, it's comparable to La Mer's but half the fraction. If you google La Mer's and Clarins loose powder, there will be reviews that they are similar. HTH's!
  3. THanks! I didn't try Clarins today =( I went around try powder from the different counters.

    and they allll feeeeel the same!! i can't tell the difference!! which makes powder hunting that much more difficult!
  4. I live in South Florida where it is hot and humid, and I have oily skin : / I swear by Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder. It gives a matte finish and makes my makeup last longer. I still have to blot, but after I blot it looks like I just applied my makeup. I have gone through 5 or 6 jars already.
  5. Hey, great to see you posting, Bubbles!

    Makeup For Ever High Def is my go-to. Comes in a small jar with holes so you don't waste any - just shake what you need. They also have a kabuki brush in a cute little zip case which is great for applying! I'm very fair and this powder goes on pretty much colorless so it doesn't compete with my foundation.

  6. I won't be much help because when it comes to loose powder I love La mer, However, La mer is only $65 for the jar AND it easily lasts me at least twice as long as any other brand. I use to go through chanel lose powder over twice a fast so when you look at it that way its the same price if not cheaper then less expensive brands. Just a thought if you like the La mer loose powder.