Loose/long knot on handles

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  1. I picked this b-bag out from ebay and my bf bought it for me in feb. It was new when i got it had tags attached and everything. I maybe used the bag about 10 times. This is what i noticed today!!

    Is this normal?? Sometimes i have doubts that my bag is fake simply because i got it from ebay. BUT i made sure to check w/ the authenticate thread first and i got the ok that it was real. But it's always in the back of my mind that it could be fake because i got it from ebay. I just thought it was too soon for something like this to happen to my bag AND not to mention one of my GH is loose, well i don't know if i should say loose but i'm able to turn it around where the other hw is tight.:s
  2. I don't think thats normal :s
  3. If ur talking abt the loose knot It happens. Nothing to be alarmed about. And regards the Giant H/W it happened to my Violet SGH Work. 2 of the bottom h/w can be turned around.. And i hardly use the bag.. Soo....
  4. I just bought a GH City and now I don't want to use it! I thought the GH was rather secure. The price of the bag is not worth it if that is common.:tdown:
  5. I have had a few GH bags and that has only happened to one, and it was after heavy use (my daily bag for a month). It was a FB that mine happened on. You may want to check the care threads as there might be some info there. Also you may be able to call Bal and find out about the handles being restrung. I am not sure if they do this but they do have a repair dept. so it is worth a shot.
    The NY number is 212-279-4440
  6. wow, all things luxury are becoming cheaply made..lv is having quality issues ALL the time now..
  7. ya...i agree with you sadly. but i still love bal for it's design. i think most things you can bring back to bal and have them fix it for you free if it is within a short period of time.
    valeri, sorry about the knot and good luck!!
  8. my sandstone city's knot isn't a "complete" knot, but it doesnt stick out like that :confused1: in fact, it's barely noticable - it took me a couple months to even see it, and i've had the bag for a year & it hasn't gotten any worse.

    this doesnt mean your bag isnt authentic though. bbags sometimes do have things "wrong" with them unfortunately.
  9. same thing happened to my knot on my GH vermillion. and i actually noticed it within like the first few days after getting it. but i'm able to tuck mines back in every time it sticks out. if mine stuck out that much though i'd probably call BalNY. but it's not like it'll get unknotted or anything. it's just due to the aesthetics of the bag you know?
  10. Thanks everybody for the info. It's amazing that this stuff is common. I'm probably gonna do what ikaesmallz does and just try and tuck it in and if for any reason it should get worse (hopefully not) i'll see about getting it repaired. But this just sucks:hysteric: