loose hardware

  1. Hi! I was wondering if this has every happened to anyone. I have an Alexa that's a few years old and has been used many a times. I've noticed that the magnetic closure in the front seems a little loose. It hasn't fallen off or anything but it's looser that what it once was. Is this something I should leave be or get repaired because it could be damaging? Thank you!
  2. Hi linakpl - just come across your thread - interesting as I have just posted a thread today on the same subject, but different bag! - my old Roxanne has a weak magnet too - I guess this can sometimes happen over time, but I am presently in a bit of a wrangle with Mulberry repairs regarding whether it can be replaced or not - mine is the old style of magnet - are the ones on Alexa the newer, bevelled ones?

    Haven't had any response yet to my thread - so wondering if this is something that doesn't happen on a regular basis - maybe we are just unlucky - but, if they are the newer style magnets, you should be able to get it sent off (as it isn't under warranty you'll prob have to pay about £15/20 to get it done) - but good luck, and let me know what happens!!:smile:
  3. The postman lock on my bayswater is a bit iffy, I think I might have to email them and see what they can do.
  4. No one's commented me about it yet but it's not a huge deal. Let me know what happens with yours! I'm curious how they replace it and if it's an exact match etc. Thanks for letting me know!
  5. Glad I've seen this, my postman lock is a little wobbly on Antony Messenger.. It's still completely usable just hope it doesn't get worse..
  6. Totally reparable. My postman's lock fell off my bays and was lost 1 year and 4 days after I bought it. You can probably imagine how I felt!

    But Rebecca Groom was wonderful and they covered the repair. Was expecting M to just replace the twist lock but they replaced the whole lock and plates - all shiny and new.
  7. Mulberry are brilliant for repairs although you can lose your bag for a couple of weeks even if you had to pay for repair it's usually very cheap and if you take your bag and collect it from an outlet there are no delivery charges. I sent a Ledbury in for a new postman lock charge was £25 but as well as that they gave me new handles free as they were a bit sticky to touch and were described as a manufacturers fault.