loose diamond on ring

  1. Today i took my wedding band and e-ring in to the jeweler for their 6mo check-up. They discovered that one of the stones on my wedding band was very loose and needed repair. Apparently it was caused by rubbing up against my e-ring and they suggested having them soldered together. She said that it's fairly common for stones to loosen due to the two rings rubbing against each other and i'd probably continue to have this problem unless i have them joined together....has anyone else had this problem? I really don't want my rings soldered together :crybaby:
  2. No it's not likely because of them rubbing together. Usually it's because of being hit on a table, counter etc... My friends are jewelers and I have had my center stone tightened because of hiting but never my wedding band. I would not sauter them together.
  3. Do not sauter! Just get the ring checked once or twice a year and have them tighten the loose stone...this happens to me with my eternity band from Tiffany's.
  4. I'm so paraniod about this. I'm always shaking my ring next to my ears to make sure my stones are not loose!!
  5. My mom had a problem with one of the smaller stones in her ring coming loose. She actually didn't realize that she had a loose stone until she had already lost it. She was told just to have the ring checked.