Loose Alcantara Lining (Recital)- is it normal?

  1. For those of you who have the Recital or any small purse with raspberry alcantara lining, is it normal for the interior raspberry alcantara lining to feel loose and separated from the exterior monogram canvas? This bag was only purchased 1.5 months ago from a LV boutique, so the 1-866-vuitton sales associate recommended that I bring it back to the Louis Vuitton boutique to see if it's a defect. But I was just wondering if it was normal for the interior alcantara lining to be able to move... almost like the interior alcantara microfiber and exterior mono canvas are not together as one...
  2. I was wondering the same thing about my Damier Papillion 26. The canvas feels "separate" from the lining. It doesn't concern me too much, but I do worry about how it will wear over time- I got this bag because of the high quality. I'm curious too if this is normal, thanks for bringing it up. I hope I didn't get a defect!!! :crybaby:
  3. Well, I can say that the alacantra is loose on my Multicolore Sologne and on my Multicolore Priscilla. I think that is how it is--not a defect. Since my Sologne is much older than Priscilla I have noticed that the alacantra feels even looser, but this I think is because the canvas has become more supple.
  4. it's normal. The lining is not supposed to "stick" or be glued onto the inside of the outter canvas. Thus you can pull out almost all the linings of LV bags like pulling out your pant-pockets :yes:
  5. Thanks- I feel better!:p
  6. Have the Recital and the alcantara is like that :yes: Most LV bags' alcantara isn't stuck to the inside of the canvas, so it feels loose. I actually prefer it that way because it's easier to clean!
  7. good point!!!! lol I actually just stick my vacuum cleaner head in there:p , but now I have a better trick! thanks Karman!
  8. thanks for the help. i did end up bringing my recital into the boutique to get checked- it turns out it was normal and not defective. in fact, the red alcantara lining on some of the new recital purses in the boutique were even more loose than my bag.