Looping MM- opinions?

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  1. For those who have previously owned the Looping MM, how did you like it? And why have there been mixed opinions on whether or not the shoulder strap hurt?
  2. I did not care for it the straps were to hard to keep on the shoulder and they also dug into my shoulder.:flowers:
  3. i don't own it myself, but i have read several posts about how the shoulder strap hurts. and it was designed to be comfortable!
  4. This bag never stayed on my shoulder! Maybe they slope too much, but I always had to secure the bag with my arm. It's not so uncomfortable if you keep it light, but if you fill the purse up it will definitely start digging in throughout the day.
  5. hmmm, if the shoulder strap didn't hurt or fall off the shoulder, i would so get this bag. too bad because i like it.