Looping & Cabas Mezzo: Opinions Appreciated

Jan 25, 2006
Does anyone here have the looping? (I'm interested in the largest of the three sizes.) If yes, how do you like it? I'm looking for a slightly casual bag that will fit a good amount of stuff. Is the bag large enough to fit a newspaper, folded in half? I wanted to love the Batignolles (in either horizontal or vertical, but I'm not really feeling either style). So, I'm exploring other options.

I'm also interested in getting the Cabas Mezzo. I know the Mezzo is wider than the looping, but other than that, do you think the bags are too similar for me to get both of them? Thanks for any opinions and help you can offer up.


Feb 21, 2006
I don't have the Large Looping, but my mortgage broker does. I was admiring hers just the other day. It's fairly large dimensions-wise but rather slim, profile-wise. I carry tons of stuff, it's too small for me.
It's appreciably smaller, storage wise, than the Cabas Mezzo, I don't think you could readily insert and retrieve a newspaper, if there are also other items inside. I love my Cabas Mezzo. Very roomy and attractive.
Dec 6, 2005
^^ I agree with both posts! The Large looping is too narrow for me, it is pretty though. The Cabas is a great carry all. I just got the Damier Saleya MM, I am using that for work now, rather than my Cabas Mezzo Alto. I love the Saleya! Let us know!