Looping (biggest size) Is the handle "really" that uncomfortable??

  1. I was just wondering about the Looping bag. (The largest one) Link to pic below:


    Is the handle really that uncomfortable once you have all your things inside? What about the handles shape...does it remain like a rounded loop...? Wouldn't it eventually take on a "pointy" shape at the top wear it lays on your shoulder?

    Does any of these reasons stop you from buying the Looping?? I've read previous threads of people that have either returned it for the handle being uncomfortable, or they've sold it.

    Has anyone actually kept the bag and loved it? ..and had no problems w/ the handle...

  2. I was about to order this...Special Order in Damier 2 years or so ago...and the reason I didnt was the rolled shoulder thing....it did feel very odd and uncomfortable. When you walk around in a hurry, it tends to slide out.

    A co-worker got one in the smallest version and she always complained about the same thing. It looks so nice though, I dont understand the handle design at all.

  3. Ya, I wish it had flat handles or that the rolled were more comfortable.:sad:
  4. i have the mini looping and when i first bought the bag the handles were stiff and sore on my shoulder. But after a few months, the handle softened up and it doesn't bother me at all. After 5 years of having the bag, the handle is soft but still has it's shape.
  5. I dunno, I have the medium and it's pretty comfortable to me, and I have pretty skinny shoulder too.....
  6. Hmm, So there is hope for the Looping?? I guess it can go either way..

    I tried on the largest one the other day, and it seemed fine (but was with it empty of course.) I kinda pulled down on the bag to mimmick it having things inside and it kinda hurt a bit...so I'm not sure if that's how it would feel with my things inside.

    I normally carry: sm. ludlow wallet, ckbk, cell, wapity, sm. agenda, eyeglass cover, keys, brush, hairclip. Maybe a magazine..

    Hmm...:s Darn it...I really like the look of this bag..
  7. My brothers wife has one of those that she carries everyday and shes a teacher so she carries all her heavy school stuff(papers, assigments) in it and she finds it ok. The strap has softened but still kept its shape.
  8. That is the size I am wanting too. I was wondering how comfy the rolled handle was. BUT, I just LOVE this style!
  9. I think it'd be comfortable. I'd be afraid of it slipping off more often though.
  10. I'm looking for a possible 2nd bag to get for Xmas. Either that, or some accessories. Haven't decided which. I'd really like to get the Looping.

    I do know I definitely want to get the Pop H. So that's basically a done deal.:P I've been wanting that one for like 6 mons. or so..

    Probably get that now...heehee!:wlae: (It's supposed to be for Xmas) Oh well, I like to get things early...That isn't bad is it?? NAH! I didn't think so either.:roflmfao:

    I'm just "on the fence" RE: the Looping. Hmm, it looks promising. So...we'll see what happens..

    Thx all for your input!! It's VERY helpful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:yes:
  11. Looping handle IMO is VERY comfortable on the shoulder!
  12. Ok...hoping to go with the Looping..

    That's if I don't decide to get some accessories. These are the few that I was toying with getting. (Not all of them though...3 accessories total).

    A cles in mono, and/or damier. Also a ckbk cover (mono/damier), and possibly a long strap for my baggy gm OR the lil pastilles but in the brown colors. This would replace my Looping choice though..:sad:

    So now, is it Looping or access.??? OR another bag that may come out that I end up loving...LOL!!!!!!!!:rolleyes:
  13. I was torn between the LOOPING and the CABAS PIANO. The handle is supposed to be rolled for comfort but it felt a little strange on my shoulder. I went with the Cabas Piano because it was a little more "slouchy" (I love hobo styles and wanted the Baggy GM in green but didn't realize they were LE and are now all gone!) and had flat straps and the Looping didn't seem to fit as much as the Piano. But now I am always going back and looking at the Looping because I really prefer a single shoudler strap and one that you can hook your thumb around for support. Of course, it is too similar to my Piano so I will probably not get one unless they make it in Damier!

    So, the short answer is yes, I do love the style and shape of the Looping.
  14. LOL, yep I love the shape as well!! I have the Baggy GM in Fuschia.

    I also liked the green, played with the idea of getting both...but then decided not to. Maybe the denim speedy in blue down the road...(LOL, at first I didn't like the blue, LOL guess it has grown on me..):yes:

    Ya, I like the Looping...It's different. The handle, shape. I like the way it's more structured as well.

    Two wkends ago was the 1st time I seen someone w/ the Looping. I've seen alot w/ the mini looping, and maybe a few with the med. size. But never the big Looping. Was pretty cool!:supacool:
  15. It looks nice but for me, it was way too stiff. I need a bag with handles that are flatter and softer. That's just me though :smile: