Looping bags?

  1. Trying to help stepdaughter figure out the size/name of hers. I only see 2 on Eluxury, the mini looping (definitely not that) and the looping MM (she measured hers and it is slightly smaller than this).

    is there another one? Thanks!~
  2. There are 3 looping, mini, mm, and what I think they just call looping which is the largest. I have a medium, maybe the measurements are off on the website or whatever you're using as a reference, I've found that before.....How far off are the measurements actually???
  3. The bag she has is 1 inch shorter in height than eluxury says it should be.

    the bag she has is approximately 9 1/2" across, 8" from top to bottom and about 3 3/4" in depth.
  4. hope this helps
    loop.jpg mini.jpg mm.jpg
  5. OK-hers seems a bit smaller than the MM-hmm.............where's the date code on a looping bag again?