Loooookeeee at what I got.....

  1. Today I went to Bloomingdales and brought the chocolate chloe that I have always wanted. It was also 30%off. :yahoo:
  2. which bloomies? lets see a pic...i'm so happy for you!!
  3. I want to see it but there is a red x and when I do props it says error.
  4. ok I will try to post it again. I can see the picture..bloomies in roosevelt field in Long Island
  5. Did they have any Paddys on sale
  6. i was going to go there today...but the weather is so yucky!! did they have a big selection?
  7. yes they did, plus if you use your coupon you will get another $100 off
  8. i reposted the picture..sorry it is kinda of dark
  9. the sale ends tomorrow.
  10. Did you see this one on sale?
    tall satchel.jpg
  11. which bloomingdale did you go to?
  12. no i don't remember seeing that one. the bloomies in long island.
  13. ok thanks....
  14. the paddingtons, silverados and edith were on sale also, I don't remember seeing the tall paddington.
  15. ok thanks, and congrats.....