Loooongshot Any chance of finding a Violet Twigggy?

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  1. other then ebay?
  2. Perhaps wait for the 08 FW Sapphire (violet) twiggy?
  3. I already put myself on the waitlist but since I have the Violet money wallet I'd love to have the same shade bag. Unless I let this wallet go and replace with the new Sapphire? We'll have to see how close they really are. But anyhow I'd love to find one right now so I could use it ASAP. Thanks for the suggestion. ;)
  4. Isn't Sapphire a blueish tone? It is in jewellery right?
  5. Nope! Sapphire in Bal terms is like a violet or grape purple!
  6. RDC - real deal collection??
    have you tried balNY or balLA?? twiggy is a not as hot style...you might have a chance.
  7. Yup checked all 3 nada :sad: