Loooong Overdue Pics + Miroir

  1. I have been so lazy about taking pics but I finally got motivated after getting the Gold Lockit. It is absolutely stunning!:wlae: I can't wait to get my silver Lockit on Saturday too:yahoo::yahoo:
    Azur.JPG AntiguaPm.JPG StratusPM1.JPG StratusPM2.JPG PICT0500.JPG
  2. More...
    Miroir Gold.JPG Miroir Gold1.JPG Miroir Gold2.JPG Miroir Gold3.JPG Miroir Gold4.JPG
  3. Oooh those are wonderful bags/accessories! Everything is so fresh and perfect for summer! Congrats!
  4. What a stunning mix of beauties!!
  5. Wow!!! Everything is gorgeous!!!!!!!!! Thank you for posting pictures of your treasures!
  6. Congrats!!!!!! Yaaay! I love the Stratus (right?) Love that entire line--- and the Azur, so pretty for summertime and actually ANYTIME!

    Ohhhhhhh, all these pics of Miroir is making me want mine RIGHT NOW (similar to Restricter's Veruca Salt demand) LOLOLOL!!!!
  7. Wow......I'm :drool:

    I will get mine on Friday... which seems like the long waiting..

  8. congrats! I love how you display your boxes!
  9. very cool bags. Congrats!
  10. Beautiful! Congrats!
  11. Lovely! :nuts:
  12. wow, really nice!
  13. congrats! Is that a 25?
  14. What an accumulation!!

    Congrats on your Miroir Lockit! Fabulous collection. =)
  15. fab pics!!! Congrats on all your new goodies