LoOoOk .. Gift From my GF ...

  1. Hello ,

    I started the same thread yesterday night (qatar timing)(http://forum.purseblog.com/louis-vuitton/looooook-gift-from-my-gf-252168.html)
    , but then I thought I'll go to sleep and had problem with the connection today morning , Unfortunately the thread went out of control!Sorry for all the angry members ....I'm sorry again for the delay ...:shame:.

    OK ... Let me show you what my GF bought me as a gift from Germany ...

    Do you want to guess or shall I just post it ? :girlsigh::sweatdrop:
    LV_PB.jpg LV_Box.jpg LV_Inside_Box2.jpg
  2. at this point, I think you should just post it :yes:
  3. I think it is probably best to just post it :biggrin:
    Hmmmm.... a pochette?
  4. are we playing this game again?
  5. Oh please show us.
  6. well since you started at 122 am my time and its now 724 am and your last thread was closed because you took so long...

    Get on with it, I mean 8 pages later and we see a bag.....
  7. :wtf: Not again!!! I thought this was over and done with?!!
  8. ^^ No 8 pages later you got to see an old lady with a cake in the shape of a gingerbread house. No bag.
  9. LOL here we go again
  10. No one post, then the pic will be on page 1, if everyone posts, saying "please post", then it'll be loads of pages in again.
  11. Here it is ...
    LV_Bag.jpg LV_Bag2.jpg
    nice box and bag!!!!!!! WOOOOTTTT FINALY! the bag is great!!!! show us more pics!!!
  13. Congrats! Is that amarante??
  14. Wow! You have such a generous friend, it's so shiny! Congratulations!
  15. SunSet Boulevard
    Amarante color