LOOONNGG POST about my day!

  1. I pondered for months as to which handbag I should purchase. I have been obsessing over the Duomo and wanted it as my first Damier piece. So, my boys and I headed to South Coast Plaza after breakfast. It was not a planned visit, so I did not check if my SA would be there. The SA who helped me was nice, at first. She began to snub me when clearly, I knew more about the different lines (I believe someone mentioned this on another thread). She became even more snobbish when my SA came in and she and I greeted each other by our first names…. Anyway, it turns out that the only Duomo they had was a display and Rodeo had four of them. After driving 50 miles to SCP, I drove 75 miles from SCP to Rodeo. I’ve posted before that I’ve had a bad experience there, but today was unexpected. I have a new SA who I met today and she catered to me! For some reason, everyone was soooo friendly today. And they thought it was great that I was extremely familiar with the lines (thanks to my fellow TPF members!) SORRY, LONG POST!

    So, after browsing, I asked her to ring me up for the Duomo and the new Pomme D’Amour Cles :drool: Then she told me that they had a Speedy ‘upstairs’ that was TDF. I asked her if it was the patchwork or dentelle and weren’t even sure what the exact name was and thanked me for the info. Anyway, she was talking about the speedy dentelle. They were hosting a private party for the Golden Globe Awards upstairs and had these bags stashed up there. (Almost done) So, she said if I was interested, she would take my CC info down and call me on Feb. 20th when it comes in. She said this would ensure that I get a bag, she also mentioned that most clients on the waitlist won’t even see it (not sure how true that is) :shrugs: . Sooooo, I now have a Duomo and a Pomme D’Amour Cles AND a Monogram Dentelle Speedy (Gold) next month!!!!:yahoo: :wlae:

    I’ll post pics of what I took home today in a couple of hours….Sorry again for the long post! THANK YOU everyone! I could not have decided without you...:shame:
  2. wowee! Congrats on your new items! And can't wait to see pics of the new Dentelle when you get it!
    As an aside...I hope that's not true about the Dentelle.....the manager at michigan Ave. store told me that they said everyone on the list should get a speedy (or any of the non-show bags).
  3. WOW!! You have had one exciting day my dear! I cant wait to see all of your new beautiful things! Congrats!!
  4. Wow! Glad everything turned out alright. And you manage to get a brand new Duomo and Pomme d'Amour Cles. Not to mention seeing the Dentelle Speedy for the Golden Globe Awards that you now will have on Feb. 20!

  5. What was your SA's name? Just curious because I shop there:smile: .

  6. Thank you! Knowing that some TPF members are on the waitlist, I winced when she mentioned that some may not even get one...Don't know how accurate that is. I saw your post regarding the patchwork, I was unsure about the dentelle either as I've only seen pictures - she was not able to bring it down from the private party...:sad: But she assured me that if I did not like it, I could return or exchange for something else. I figured, better safe than sorry:s ...and have to buy and pay nearly double on e-bay:cursing: .

  7. Her name is Lovey.... She is the best SA I've ever had. Rodeo is my new store.....
  8. wow!! sounds like a great day!!! congrats on the new goodies!
  9. I hear ya Luv! It is better to be safe than sorry...and have to pay miroir prices!
    All this information today....I've got to be calling ym normal SA and try to get the low-down on everything LOL

    I hope I'll be OK with the Dentelle because I actually waitlisted at 2 stores....because my SA at Saks said they may not get alot of them in and I should double-list at a bigger store (He actually recommended Caesars Las Vegas!)
  10. Thanks..good to know. I also like Lisa and Fatia:p ....glad you enjoyed your shopping trip!
  11. Lucky Lucky!!!!
  12. congrats...glad that you have a good SA this time
    show us photos!!!!
  13. Congrats on a fun day, having the right SA can make all the difference!
  14. What a great day!! I can't wait to see pics! Congrats!
  15. Congrats!!!