Loomstate jeans!

  1. Does anyone know how these fit (big, small)? And also, how do you like them? Thanks in advance!!!:smile:
  2. I tried them on and they fit true to size. I realllllly wanted them but I didn't buy because I didn't have the money. love, love them. love organic cotton
  3. love the feel of their organic cotton jeans. the fit is pretty slim in the thigh area, even the cuffs are not as "bootleg" as most. i'd go one size up. however, they sure make my legs look longer!
  4. forgot to say i only buy the mantra style...most flattering on me.
  5. randr, if you don't mind me asking, what kind of body type are you? i'd love anything to elongate my legs without teetering heels, if you know what i mean. :smile:
  6. i'm 5'4 and 108...a little hippy and a smaller than average waist. best thing to do with any jeans is to try them on. hth