Looky what I just ordered from JAX...

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  1. I really like it and I hate patchwork. Congrats!
  2. Oh NO you DIDN'T!!! LOL Perfect bag for you...looks to be the same size as the standard lunch totes! You'd better make sure and spray this with something to guard against stains!!! I've scotch-guarded my signature bags before and all was well, you may want to ask Swankymama or GP about something for a signature/leather combo though!!! You are a total TOTE slut!!! ha ha ha
  3. HMMM ban may have to wait! Love it and Im not even a fan of patchwork!
  4. I'm not a big patchwork fan either, but I like the silver! Congratulations.
  5. Coach HQ is in Jacksonville, FL.
  6. I can't wait to see her in person.....
  7. The patchwork stuff is usually not my favorite but I think that it a really nice bag! congrats!

    it's a "clean" patchwork...not too cluttered like most are
  8. I got my email from Coach... she is on her way.. and should be here... FRIDAY.... YAY!!! :woohoo:
  9. Oh crap. I love it. What are dimensions on it? I just bought a full price bag in FT Myers on my Bday on 1-31. I bought that heritage stripe one. Shoulder bag. Im digging this too tho.

  10. The dimensions are 10.5 x 9.5 x 5 or close to it.
  11. That really is pretty!
    It will go well with your wristlet in your siggy pic.

    lovecoachmore gave good advice about the Scotchguard.......
    Apple Guarde is also something to consider using as well (although it is more geared for leather/suede as opposed to fabrics)
    Just be sure to spray protect her with the appropriate 'something' before the first useage.

    Take pictures when she arrives cause we wanna see!
  12. LOVE...LOVE...LOVE the color! Great summer bag...

    OHHHH Can I invision accessories with this one!

  13. Beautiful! Love the silver and I bet you can't wait for Friday! Congrats and enjoy :woohoo:
  14. So pretty, and I am not normally a patchwork fan. I look forward to your pics.