Looky what I just ordered from JAX...

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  1. She should be here in 5-7 days... WOOOOOO


    My newest MUST HAVE.... Silver Patchwork Tote..!!!!
  2. Very pretty!!!!
  3. OMG! Beautiful! Do you have a style # and how much was it?
  4. cool is there any suede to get dirty on it.. I love it :O)
  5. nice buy tammy! can't wait to see it when it arrives!!
  6. Oh wow i really love that in silver. Congrats
  7. I didn't know they made silver/white patchwork. Awesome!
  8. The style number is 13498

    Cost: $298

    I can't wait to see her!!! :yahoo:
  9. Very cool bag! I love the silver, very classy!
  10. Love it, the patchwork this year looks great, and I'm by NO means a patch person! :nuts:
  11. Wow, I love it, and I'm not too much of a patchwork girl either! What are the dimensions on this baby?
  12. That is gorgeous!
  13. Congrats Tammy! I love the silver.
  14. OOoh I love the silver, very nice!
  15. Love it!